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‘What started in 1976 as a simple travel agency’ Helen Chappell writing for the Guardian once quoted, ‘the Anna Burland Company has now embraced the enterprise culture in all of its bizarre forms’, she wrote further, some will try anything to pump colour into their everyday lives and it is quite surprising how you can change a client’s personality by introducing fantasy into their programmes and events’

Now in its 38th year, Anna Burland Services ‘hallmark’ continues to be
‘Creating the Incentive’

In 2003, David Burland, founder of the Anna Burland Services, together with Michel François, French Bilingual Poet recently arrived in the UK from the USA, initiated a number of literary projects to invite poets and writers worldwide to seek adventure on the literary trail.
The mind plays tricks on one’s sanity diverting the ability to sometimes rationalize. We are ourselves but a collection of experiences and, through literature, the Arts and our passion for creativity, we can ‘dream the dream’
Michel François

Incentive and Cultural programmes and events

For new competitions, awards, events, watch this site. Overseas groups to the UK and France contact us for quotation: www.annaburland.com

David Burland Poetry Prize

The prize over the years has attracted writers worldwide to submit their work in either French or English.

The DAVID BURLAND POETRY PRIZE 2015 is now announced. For details go to Poetry Prize.

For the 2014 prize, the winning entries are included In the first Audio CD ‘Michel François and Friends’ – recited by himself and by Anna Gillis.

Visit our online shop to download the recording or, purchase a hard copy to cherish.
Poetic Art

David Burland Poetry Anthology

‘Poetic Art / L’Art Poétique’ ISBN 978-0-955-6308-1-1

Published by Anna Burland Services 2014, is a diverse first collection of all prize winners of The David Burland Poetry Prize since 2007, a book to be treasured and produced in a commemorative year.
Poetic Art
A copy of this first edition can be purchased
from our online shop.

Poetry Critique

A poetry reading service for new or established poets wishing to have a ‘fresh appraisal’ of their work, ready for publication. The service provides a critique of each work together with ‘Optimum’ – a simple set of rules to aid your creative writing skills.

See further information on this site.
Poetry Critique

David Burland Art Award

In support of the Arts, Anna Burland Services is always keen to invite new talent to participate and be part of certain projects. The Art Award, run in advance of a new publishing project offers would-be Artists the opportunity to submit ideas for front cover and inside illustrations. Working with the Birmingham Society of Artists, some Members' work has already been included in our past publications, for example:
'Second Rain/Seconde Pluie' ISBN 978-0-9556308-0-4
Second Rain

Literary Agenting

Agenting for for Screen Plays
We represent exclusively certain writers of TV and Film Screen Plays. Our current portfolio includes Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and mystery. Rights currently available. For adaptation and trade.

For summary and synopses, contact in the first instance ABS in writing.

Agenting for New Literary Work
Manuscript editing / preparation for publishing /document translation
Printing and Design for submissions press release and website promotion of accepted work.:

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David and Tillie Burland, founded the Anna Burland Services in 1976. David a special human being with a strong belief in others who showed determination and the will to fulfil their dream. Together with French Poet, Michel François in 2003 they established the prizes, awards and cultural incentive programmes.

Anna Burland Services today is run by David’s daughter Anna.
00 44 (0) 121 554 4268